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You'd think that the Internet, with all its incredible information and multitude of links and web sites, would have hundreds of parent sites.

Such is not the case.

The reasons are many, and the most important ones have to do with parents. Parents are busy by definition and those parents that have developed the necessary computer skills (often taught by their own children), want a site that offers well-researched information from trusted sources. After all, if it's your child, wouldn't you want to read information from a site that had a good track record and one you could trust? The following all-encompassing top sites offer up-to-date information and a chance to exchange stories by e-mail or in real time chat.

They are very entertaining, well written and have an easy to follow format.


Keeping this in mind, the Disney people have capitalized on their trusted name and have set up Family.Com

It's a site that's packed with information for not only parents, but also students and teachers. Topics are arranged under the headings of Family Matters, Travel, Activities, Computing, Education, Family ties and Food.

Some of the customized features are available through subscription only.


FamilyEducation Network

With an introduction claiming "We're dedicated to helping you take an active role in the education of your children," the Family Education Network makes a good case. With timely articles and expert advice columns from Boston Children's Hospital pediatricians Dr. Bernstein and Dr. Nethersole, Family Therapist Carleton Kendrick and teacher Barbara Callaghan, a lot of answers to common family questions can be found here. The site also contains special sections on Learning Disabilities, Health and Safety and Homework Help. I was especially intrigued by the emphasis placed on homework help, special needs and learning disabilities. This site is packed with great content and great ideas. A stopover here is well worth the time for you and your children.




Parenting Today's Teen

Anyone who has a teenager, or who interacts with teens on a daily basis, should click on to this site. This newsletter-type format features articles which discuss timely topics for todays parents of teens. Among the current and past articles featured on this site are "Teens Are Found to be Abusing Ritalin," "Value of Teens Working Debated," "Is Your Teen Depressed?" Other features include parenting surveys and a roundtable column. With questions such as "have you discussed sex and development with your teen?; Does your teen know your morals about sex? I found this site to be at the cutting edge of information for parents of teens.

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