Top Kids' Sites

Kids' sites on the World Wide Web are as varied as the kids they're trying to reach. Some are specific to preschoolers, others to preteens and teens. All offer activities for kids that complement the teachings of teachers and parents. So, sit down with your child, take out your mouse and start clicking away at the following sites. School was never like this!

Ask Jeeves for Kids

For a different searching experience, try Ask Jeeves for Kids.  It's a quick, easy and fun way to search for answers online. Just type in a question in plain English  like "who's the Prime Minister of Canada".  Ask Jeeves for Kids will confirm your question then take you to only one web site that answers your question.  That's all there is to it.

Ben and Jerry's Yule Site

Ben and Jerry, the ice cream guys from Vermont U.S.A. have added a new flavour to their roster: Yuletide Stuff.  Read about the origins of Christmas and how evergreens, holly and mistletoe came to be a part of the celebration; Find out why Hanukkah is also spelled Chanukah and why it is more of a celebration than a religious holiday; Learn how Kwanzaa  an African-American holiday started in the United States in 1966; and what exactly is meant by the Winter Solstice.  Great links to other sites for more info.  "Habari gani" anyone?


 This site is billed as a SuperSite for Kids, is a well designed, easy to follow website with activities ranging from the preschooler to the teenager. The owners' commitment to appropriate content and kid friendly sites makes this website as safe as is possible on an ever- changing Internet. In keeping with this philosophy, there is no two-way chat area. has hundreds of activities which at times can be overwhelming. There is so much at this site that parents, teachers and especially kids will each find something to come back to over and over again. Set aside a couple of hours and check out this site.

Here's the place to find out if you've been naughty or nice.  Just type in your first or full name and an instant report of what Santa Claus has written about you on his naughty or nice list appears. You can also learn the top ten ways to make the naughty list, and the  top ten ways to make the nice list.  Go over to Mrs. Claus' kitchen and find out elf bedtime snacks, Santa's favourites and reindeer cravings.  Send Santa a letter, then click on the Santa tracker and find out where's he's been and when he's coming to your house.

But, you better be nice!


Club Girl Tech

 Whoever said that computers and the Internet were for boys, has never visited Club Girl Tech. This great site offers girls ages 12 to 18 a place to interact with other girls, learn about women inventors, sports figures and girl views. One feature I found intriguing was the ability to send a letter to a foreign friend in their own language. This site translates it for you. Bonne chance!


 Are you a budding composer, writer or artist looking for a place to publish your masterpiece? This site, created by Mountain Lake Software, Inc., offers kids and teens the opportunity to submit their work online and also the chance to enter writing and art contests, and chat with other teens.

Give your brain a fun workout.  Use your math skills to score runs in math baseball or
field goals in power football.  Need to fine tune your spelling?  Then check out the
Spellaroo and the Spell Check games.  Think you know your way around the world?
Where is that? will test those brain cells.  These games and more will give your brain the workout it needs.


 Need activities for your preschooler and kindergarten child? This regularly updated site, uses Java applets to engage your child in activities such as connect the dots, jigsaw puzzles, letter and number matching, food groups and more. It may take a while to load the Java applet, depending on your computer, but the wait is well worth it. Go ahead and connect those dots!


 Once in this site, it's easy to understand why over 100,000 kids between the ages of 4 and 15 in 75 countries around the world have participated in KidsCom activities. I like this site for its emphasis on online safety, educational activities and fun. The graffiti wall chat area is monitored with consequences outlined for inappropriate language. There is an Internet safety game, areas to read and write stories and an opportunity to send messages that concern kids worldwide to some very important people and organizations. There's also a chance to earn points for prizes on completion of certain activities.


Kids After School Clubhouse

The people at the Houghton Mifflin Company know how to put together a content rich, easy to follow website. It's actually two websites in one. The education place link is a great place for parents and teachers to find great sources of math, language arts and social studies activities, projects and other links. The after school clubhouse site has great educational games, book reviews, brain teasers, word finds and scavenger hunts, which also gives kids the chance to win great prizes. There are a lot of contests, good emphasis on authors and books and a great geography game called GeoNet that lets you compete with other kids on the Internet.

ODAWA Native Friendship Centre

Never judge a person until you've walked in their shoes--never judge a web site until
you've checked out its links!  At first glance this web site doesn't offer many Native
resources. Three prominent links in the middle of the page offer some information, but no gems.  All that changes by scrolling down to the bottom of the screen to Native Links.
Behind this link lies a goldmine.  Hundreds of well laid out links, organized into 13
categories  makes this a must see site for anyone doing a research project on our First Nations.

AT&T Virtual Classroom 1999-2000 is bigger and better than ever! Now
in its fourth successful year, this fun, innovative program brings
together primary and secondary students in a unique and stimulating
environment that simulates a real classroom.
It's all via the Internet, and it's all free! Your students can learn to:
- communicate and work with people from different cultures
- improve typing, language proficiency and writing skills
- research, analyze and solve problems
- delegate and carry out tasks
- work in teams and make group decisions
- use the Internet to communicate and research
- plan, design and create web pages


Studyweb is a very easy site to navigate for homework and research information.  There is a collection of over 73,000 links here which can be quickly searched with studeyweb's own search engine.  A new feature is a study buddy  dubbed "The Researcher's Virtual Companion".  Here you can quickly access 18 tools to help in your research including  a calculator, fact book, daily news, maps, dictionaries and more.  Who says doing homework has to be boring!


Yahooligans! is the kid friendly search engine of the popular Yahoo! web site.  8 main
subject categories and sub categories are easily and quickly searchable by clicking on their links or entering a key word in the search box.  Check out Yahooligans' Cool, What's New and Club Yahooligans! buttons.  Here you'll find the latest web sites, latest news, contests and what's really cool on the web.